“What we need to question is bricks, concrete, glass, our table manners, our utensils, our tools, the way we spend our time, our rhythms. To question that which seems to have ceased forever to astonish us. We live, true, we breathe, true; we walk, we open doors, we go down staircases, we sit in a…

Collaboration with Oona?

Finnish word “vikuri” means a horse, which is a bit tricky but still manageable. Vikuri is curious and energetic, having its own insight and whims but at the same time being relatively easy to co-operate with. Oona Tikkaoja‘s Vikuri projects comment various phenomena with curiosity, open-mindness and joy. Oonas main interests and strenghts are: > using artistic thinking for development…

Pikkupedot / Little Predators

Series of soft sculptures which are 3D scanned to NFTs. 2022 – More information about the sculptures on online art shop Taiko and about the NFTs on Objkt.com


A proposal for Runosmäki multi-purpose house 2021. This proposal was not selected to be implemented, but it fulfilled well the criteria. Read the proposal here

Taidetyöhevonen / ArtWorkHorse

ArtWorkHorse is a project which deals with work, presence, time, relationship of horse and human. Read more (in Finnish) on Taidetyöhevonen.fi.

Artis Libris

Artis Libris is a game which helps to formulate ideas for organising cultural and art content in libraries, planned in a work group (Geir Byrkjeland, Antti Hintsa, Jenni Latva, Jimmy Pulli and Oona Tikkaoja). It was commissioned by the Library of Vaasa together with The Arts Promotion Center TAIKE in 2019.

Piiloleikki / OnSiteStories

Piiloleikki a project started by Oona Tikkaoja in 2011. It produces a continuously growing art piece: local art-paths, which are made of sculptural marks made by different participants and combined to a network via a digital map. The marks can be casted in bronze, 3D printed or they can be immaterial stories, which will be…

Yhteispeli / Playing Well Together

An art game for (work) communities. The concept was developed as a part of IRM-Tool EU project in 2019. The game encourages its participants to make small tasks which boosts positive social relationships and creative atmosphere in the workplace. Below longer description in Finnish: Yhteispeli, konseptin esittely Yhteispeli on taidepeli, joka tukee yhteisöllisyyttä ja verkostoitumista, tuo…

Kaikki voittaa / Everybody Wins

Everybody Wins is an art game for two or more players. In a valise there are different materials in small boxes. These materials are tactile and odorous, so they activate many senses. All players have their own turn to pick up something from the boxes and locate it to the “game board” which will also…

Apilaniitty / The Clover Meadow

Apilaniitty (2018) is a public sculpture at the yard of a kindergarten in Laitila, Finland made together with sculptor Ann Sundholm. The clover sculptures are 250-300 cm tall, and there will be a meadow of red and white clovers planted around the sculptures. The sculpture was published in 2018, but the plants need couple of…

Portaali / Portal

A proposal for an art competition in Redi, Helsinki 2017.This sculpture was not implemented. Teoksen esittelymateriaali (in Finnish)


Helix is a public sculpture commissioned by the city of Espoo for a new hospital building opening on 2017.

Out of the Blue

Site-specific installation in the Objekti 2016 exhibition in the center of Espoo, Finland // Taped images of fish on the windows of the corridor of Espoo station. // Video interview (in Finnish) Photos: Pekka Tallqvist  

Silver Box

An artist book for the Liber Mundi project //Silver box consists of 3 triangular shaped accordion books in a carton box. Size 9 x 9 cm, 2016 //  

PaPu – Playable Sculpture

2015-16 Playground sculpture in Kupittaa park / Turku, Finland. Commissioned by the city of Turku. Collaborating artists: Jan-Erik Andersson, Eero Merimaa, Jani Rättyä, Ann Sundholm, Oona Tikkaoja. The playground sculpture was planned as an open co-operation process with 5 Turku-based artists and the (child) residents of the city. More information (in Finnish): https://www.facebook.com/patsaspuistoturku

Hyvinvoinnin välitystoimisto

Agency for Cultural Well-being 2015-2017, I worked in the project as co-manager. EU project promoting productizing and marketing art-based services to the social and healthcare sector. Project partners: Humak University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University, Arts Promotion Centre Finland. More info (in Finnish): http://www.hvvt.fi https://www.facebook.com/hyvinvoinninvalitystoimisto


2014 Installation with variable measures. Aluminium, acrylic, polycarbonate, plywood. Photos from Mänttä Art Festival, Finland 2014.

Killer Robot

Textile sculpture, part of the series Killer Robot vs. Robot Killer. Height 300 cm Originally exhibited in gallery Sculptor, Helsinki 2005. Participated  10/2015 – 2/2016 in the Amos Platform programme in the Forum shopping center in Helsinki, which is a co-operation project of  Amos Anderson Art Museum and the shopping center).    


Daydream 2012 Public, movable sculpture. Commission of the Helsinki Art Museum. Located in Siltasaarenkatu, Helsinki 12-13 and Sitratori, Helsinki 13 –


2010 My Master’s work for the Finnish Art Academy Interactive story of a living sculpture. Master’s Thesis: Abmo (in Finnish) Photos from the exhibition in gallery Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland 2008.


2009 Public sculpture in a school in Arabianranta, Helsinki, Finland. Commission of the Helsinki Art Museum. Acryl, aluminium & steel.

Planet of the Lost Pens

2009 – Various European cities Bright yellow pens stating “Where do all the lost pens go?” left in urban environment for random people to find.

Personality Development of an Arcturan Intellect

“Arcturuslaisen Intellektuellin Persoonallisuuskehitys” Exhibition trilogy, which was exhibited 2007 in the galleries Jangva, Kaapeli & Rantakasarmi in Helsinki, Finland. Every exhibition showed one phase of the development of an imaginary alien species. There was an interactive web story running on background and updating real-time, providing extra information.

Textile Sculptures

During the years 2003 – 2006 I worked mainly by sewing. I made a collection of textile creatures, robots and human figures, which were often exhibited as installation including lightning and sound.