Apilaniitty / The Clover Meadow

Apilaniitty (The Clover Meadow)  is a public sculpture at the yard of a kindergarten in Laitila, Finland made together with sculptor Ann Sundholm. The clover sculptures are 250-300 cm tall, and there will be a meadow of red and white clovers planted around the sculptures. The sculpture was published in 2018, but the plants need…

Piiloleikki Oy / Hide&Seek Ltd.

Hide&Seek Ltd. is a company founded by Oona Tikkaoja. It works with a continuosly growing contemporary art piece: local art-paths, which are made of bronze-casted self-portraits of the participants and combined to a network via a digital map. More information in Finnish: piiloleikki.fi, in English: piiloleikki.fi/en

Silver Box

An artist book for the Liber Mundi project //Silver box consists of 3 triangular shaped accordion books in a carton box. Size 9 x 9 cm, 2016 //  

PaPu – Playable Sculpture

2015-16 Playground sculpture in Kupittaa park / Turku, Finland. Commissioned by the city of Turku. Collaborating artists: Jan-Erik Andersson, Eero Merimaa, Jani Rättyä, Ann Sundholm, Oona Tikkaoja. The playground sculpture was planned as an open co-operation process with 5 Turku-based artists and the (child) residents of the city. More information (in Finnish): https://www.facebook.com/patsaspuistoturku